Family-friendly esports event to bring NFL athletes to Atlantic City in January 2024

DEEM Enterprises, the development group holding the Memo of Understanding to redevelop the forthcoming Renaissance at Bader Field project in Atlantic City, recently announced its first family-friendly esports competition, set to take place in January 2024 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City with World Champion Fantasy, a leading technology company developing PlayerX.

The event will bring together gamers and NFL athletes including JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Kurt Benkert.

Teams composed of esports professionals, amateurs and NFL athletes will compete to create nonstop excitement during a two-day event hosted by DEEM and WCF. Gamers, enthusiasts, fans and families can expect live entertainment, celebrity appearances, musical performances and immersive experiences from sponsors. The event will bring together thousands in person and virtually.

About Renaissance at Bader Field

Renaissance at Bader Field is a planned $3.2 billion, net-zero carbon LEED Platinum community to be built upon Bader Field that will transform the Atlantic City economy. The fundamental design approach of this new world-class motorsport community is rooted in resilient and sustainable design methodologies, including a microgrid concept for energy generation and distribution that utilizes clean hydrogen and will serve as a model for future self-sustaining projects worldwide. This new community will act as a catalyst for the financial rebirth of Atlantic City by attracting new job-creating industries, increasing the city’s tax base and diversifying businesses throughout the city.

“DEEM is pioneering a transformation in the motorsport arena,” Erick Feitshans, CEO of DEEM Enterprises, said. “In today’s evolving landscape of platforms, sports and entertainment, we’re observing a unique confluence where fan-first immersive experiences and entertainment converge — where pro athlete meets amateur, digital intersects with in-real-life and motorsport blends with esports. DEEM stands at this crossroads, poised to lead. Partnering with WCF and leveraging PlayerX, we’re amplifying Atlantic City’s distinct offerings and past legacies with the innovative future of Renaissance at Bader Field.”

The event focuses on utilizing WCF’s groundbreaking product, PlayerX, an innovative platform that combines live video and data to offer an immersive esports experience. PlayerX enables users to assemble a dream team of esports athletes to compete, watch live streams, review stats and analyze the performance of their favorite teams and players.

“WCF has always had our eye on Atlantic City — it’s the perfect location to host esports competitions and draw on passionate individuals from the vast southern New Jersey and Philadelphia metro areas. Our game-changing technology in PlayerX will be the backbone of our first family-friendly esports event with DEEM,” Mike Vela, founder and CEO of WCF, said.

DEEM and WCF will stream the event live. Global participants can expect watch parties, integration between physical and virtual programming, celebrities and much more. This event will be a first-of-its-kind in a series of esports events, further solidifying the partnership between DEEM and WCF and their investment in Atlantic City.

The companies will release more details in the coming months.