Duke Farms unveils New Jersey’s 1st electric vehicle fast-charging station from on-site solar

Duke Farms said it recently opened the state’s first electric vehicle fast-charging station in Somerset County powered by electricity from an on-site solar energy system.

Located along the busy Route 206 corridor, this facility will serve Duke Farms visitors and the local community while also supporting EV drivers passing through the area. The project will not only help Duke Farms reduce its carbon footprint, but also contribute to the clean energy and climate goals of the state.

This station is one of the first in New Jersey to combine powerful utility incentives from Public Service Electric & Gas with grant funding from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Solar panels on-site will supply 100% of the electricity needed for the chargers.

“The new EV charging station, powered by our on-site solar array, demonstrates our commitment to sustainability leadership. By investing in this critical infrastructure and pursuing innovative public-private partnerships, we are accelerating the transition to clean transportation,” Margaret Waldock, executive director of Duke Farms, said. “We hope this project will encourage others to take bold steps towards emission-free mobility as well. The climate crisis demands urgent action, and Duke Farms is proud to help lead the way to support creative, transformative solutions for a more sustainable and equitable future.”

With two high-speed chargers capable of delivering 150 kilowatts of charging power, drivers can add over 130 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Additional lower-power chargers will support the needs of other drivers with more extended stays at Duke Farms.

The station has been future-proofed for expansion as EV adoption grows, with the number of EVs on the road expected to triple in the next few years. Duke Farms is demonstrating climate leadership by investing in this critical infrastructure.

“The DEP commends Duke Farms on the opening of this fast-charger station, which is a natural fit for a place that has long stood for environmental stewardship and sustainability. In addition to being ideally situated within the Route 206 corridor, the location for this station provides amenities such as restrooms and a café amid a beautiful natural setting. Projects such as this bring us one step closer to achieving Gov. (Phil) Murphy’s bold, nation-leading clean energy goals that will lead to a healthier, sustainable and more resilient future for New Jersey,” Peg Hanna, director of the NJDEP Division of Climate Change Mitigation and Monitoring, said.

PSE&G Renewables and Energy Solutions Vice President Karen Reif explained: “As we inaugurate Duke Farms’ charging facility, PSE&G reaffirms our commitment to sustainable energy solutions, spanning from transmission and energy efficiency to resilient grid infrastructure. Together, we are driving the state and its communities towards a cleaner and electrified future, one that resonates with our vision for a greener tomorrow.”

“By coupling the EV chargers with on-site solar, the project also demonstrates the important link between renewable energy and electric transportation, both of which are key pillars of the clean energy transition,” Jon Wagar, deputy executive director of operations, said. “This project advances Duke Farms’ mission of restoring the natural environment and investing in sustainability innovation by transitioning to zero-emission energy sources. As a representation of nationwide development changes, the strategies demonstrated at the center serve as a proof of concept for more practical learning, enabling other organizations and municipalities to take steps towards becoming carbon-negative and nature-positive.”

Duke Farms applauded the state for its leadership in supporting this infrastructure and accelerating the transition to emission-free transportation.