Eos to contribute energy storage system to Dominion Energy Virginia for groundbreaking new pilot project

Eos Energy Enterprises has been selected by Dominion Energy Virginia to provide 16 megawatt-hours of storage to participate in a groundbreaking pilot project that is expected to strengthen the resiliency of the region’s electrical grid.

The Darbytown Storage Pilot Project would measure the performance of the Edison-based Eos Z3 zinc-hybrid energy storage system across multiple use cases.

Eos’s manufactured-in-America system is focused on providing safe, reliable and flexible long-duration storage that is critical to efficiently harness power from clean energy sources like wind and solar. The Eos Z3 energy system strives to address the intermittency of renewable energy by storing energy when there is excess supply and then discharging that energy when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing. In this project, the Eos Z3 system’s primary use case would provide Dominion Energy customers with four hours of discharge capacity; however, the Eos Z3 battery provides the flexibility to be configured for discharging energy across a wide operating range that can be as little as three hours and up to 12 hours.

“We are proud to have been selected for this critical project. Eos was founded on the belief that renewable energy sources require long duration storage to fully maximize their contribution to the energy mix. Dominion Energy understands that challenge and also that meeting those needs requires multiple storage technologies,” Marshall Chapin, chief customer officer of Eos Energy Enterprises, said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to showcase the performance of our zinc-hybrid Eos Z3 energy system to one of the country’s premier utilities, Dominion Energy.”

“Battery storage is a key component in making the grid increasingly clean,” Ed Baine, president of Dominion Energy Virginia, said. “We are excited about this pilot project and partnering with Eos Energy Enterprises on its zinc-hybrid technology, which provides a safer alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries.”

If approved by both the Virginia State Corporation Commission and Henrico County, construction on the project would begin at the Darbytown Power Station by late 2024 and be operational by late 2026.