New Jersey signs transformational commitment to quadruple heat pump installations

Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed onto a joint commitment from the bipartisan coalition of 25 governors known as the U.S. Climate Alliance to deploy 20 million heat pumps by 2030. Meeting this goal would quadruple the number of residential heat pumps operating in these states, an ambitious step to cut planet-warming pollution from homes and buildings.

The commitment was announced at a Climate Week New York City event.

New Jersey joined a smaller group of states in making additional commitments to cut pollution from homes and buildings. New Jersey was:

  • One of 10 states that committed to explore the adoption of zero-emission standards for space and water heating equipment;
  • One of 10 states that will actions to align building sector utility resource planning and procurement policies with state climate goals.

Heat pumps are considered an essential technology in the fight against climate change because they displace the use of fossil fuels like gas, heating oil and propane in homes and buildings. Replacing a gas furnace with an electric heat pump cuts climate pollution from the average New Jersey home by 33% in the first year and 59% over the lifetime of the equipment, according to analysis from RMI.