Centenary to offer bachelor’s degree in digital humanities

Degree prepares graduates to marshal AI, other digital tools for responsible and ethical use in workplace

Here’s an idea: Maybe the students of today should learn how to navigate the digital workspace responsibly, ethically and effectively. Centenary University has a plan to help them do just that.

On Wednesday, the school announced it is introducing a new Bachelor of Arts in digital humanities. Who says schools can’t pivot?

Centenary currently is enrolling students for the fall 2024 semester. The program blends digital humanities courses with studies in English, history, communications, writing, computer science and business. The new degree provides a broad-based foundation supporting careers in research, data analysis, digital marketing and content creation, education technology, library science, web development and more.

Want to learn more?

Centenary will hold a virtual information session regarding its new Bachelor of Arts in digital humanities at 7 p.m. Oct. 12. Register here.

Erica McCrystal, an assistant professor of education and English, said digital humanities explores the space where culture meets technology.

“This field applies digital tools to the humanities, emphasizing the importance of critical inquiry, responsible digital research and creative expression,” she said. “Digital humanities leverages technology to encourage students to think critically about how digital platforms are produced to communicate with the public as well as how they shape culture and society.”

The school said the interdisciplinary program incorporates studies in literature, writing, film and history with technology-oriented courses. The additional digital humanities courses provide opportunities for students to think critically while mastering digital platforms such as Google Workplace apps as well as open-source resources, data visualization tools and generative artificial intelligence.

Student projects may include creating interactive timelines and maps, producing podcast episodes and telling multimodal stories in digital spaces. In their communications courses, students also have the opportunity to create in the university’s TV studio and on-campus studio for WNTI, Centenary’s streaming radio station.

A required senior capstone project provides hands-on digital production experiences and can be shared with potential employers.

The recent emergence of AI tools to create text, images, music and video illustrates the market need for professionals who can research and create across rapidly shifting digital platforms, Vice President for Academic Affairs Amy D’Olivo said.

“Today, it is critical that students gain experience working with AI and other digital tools in meaningful and creative ways that meet workforce needs,” she said. “Because technology is always evolving, Centenary’s Bachelor of Arts in digital humanities teaches students to effectively navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.”