DOL to give $3M in grants to women/minorities in construction trades

The New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development announced Wednesday that it is making $3 million in funding available under the New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity’s Women and Minorities in Construction Trades grant program to foster training opportunities for minorities and women in construction and related trades.

NJBUILD promotes outreach and occupational skills training such as preapprenticeship training, registered apprenticeships and on-the-job-training for women and minority residents to prepare them for entry in a Registered Apprenticeship or employment in a construction-related job.

The program also assists public works contractors, businesses and trade unions in meeting their workforce needs, and also provides reimbursement of wages and related costs. Applicants are required to offer quality support services to ensure success for placement into employment.

Eligible applicants include public training providers, community-based organizations, labor organizations, employers/contractors, public or private nonprofit agencies, county or municipal governments and trade organizations that represent a particular trade, group of trades, contractors or employers.

Key dates in the process:

  • Wednesday and next Tuesday: Technical assistance workshops will be held at 1 p.m. Preregistration at least one business day prior to each session is required. Register here: Wednesday; next Tuesday.
  • 20: Letter of intent due by noon.
  • 27: Application due by noon.

For complete information on the NJBUILD grant, click here.

Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said NJBUILD eliminates economic barriers to occupation training, workforce readiness and employability skills instruction, helping workers grow and flourish in a gainful career.

“Our department’s top priority has been to ensure all New Jerseyans can access clear paths to high-quality employment,” he said.

NJBUILD was created under P.L. 2009, chapters 313 and 335, and is funded by contributions from state agencies, independent authorities and colleges and universities of one-half of one percent of the total cost of public works construction contracts of $1 million or greater.