Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab opens new 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Medford

Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab recently opened its new 5,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility located at 338 Stokes Road in Medford.

With more than double the space, Davis PTSR will enhance its “Return to Play” programming and video analysis of sport-specific biomechanics with 800 square feet of open space/turf.

There is also a dedicated testing suite for the company’s proprietary “Analytics for Athletes” program, a cutting-edge program to identify and target both individual and team-aggregated athlete deficiencies in order to maximize athletic performance and prevent injury. Known for its expansive use of technology, the additional space will also allow for even more advanced science to be combined with traditional physical therapy techniques and protocols.

Davis PTSR will host an open house and community event Oct. 26, welcoming the public at large to explore the one-time apothecary that has been completely retrofitted to create a facility that will enhance the team’s ability to better help patients. Guests will be able to tour the new home, which also features three evaluation rooms and other treatment areas to support its ACL and spine programs as well as concussion recovery, clinical education and sports psychology.

“Making this move and the complete restoration of 338 Stokes Road began over a year ago. My dream … to build a large enough facility that would offer the highest quality of care using research and advanced technology combined with our skilled, personalized approach to patient treatment,” Dr. Andrea Davis, owner of Davis PTSR, said. “I truly believe Team Davis is the very best at putting our patients’ needs first.”