Attentive Energy says its offshore wind proposal will power 600K homes, produce $12B in economic activity — and be 42 miles out to sea

Project, joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, is response to BPU’s 3rd offshore wind solicitation

Saying its proposal is designed to produce clean energy, drive economic development — and be 42 miles out to sea — Attentive Energy this week released information on its Attentive Energy Two project, a response to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ third offshore wind solicitation.

The Attentive Energy Two project, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, if awarded, is expected to power more than 600,000 homes and generate $12 billion in economic activity statewide, demonstrating commitment to New Jersey’s mission of advancing renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and forging a local industry, the companies said.

Attentive Energy officials said their project will be located over 42 miles east of Seaside Heights, in federal waters, and includes emissions reductions equivalent to removing 10% of cars from New Jersey roads, or 1.3 million tons of carbon removed annually, improving the state’s air quality. One turbine will produce enough energy in a typical half-hour to power an average New Jersey household for an entire year.

This project aims to advance local economic development and workforce by delivering up to 15,000 job-years for New Jersey residents.

As a key underpinning of local job creation, Attentive Energy officials said they will provide an anchor order to establish an offshore wind tower manufacturing facility at the New Jersey Wind Port.

This commitment is coupled with investments in EEW’s monopile facility in Paulsboro that will support future projects across the East Coast. These initiatives reinforce New Jersey’s foundational investments in a local offshore wind supply chain.  In addition to these economic commitments, Attentive Energy has signed an agreement with five local unions to develop a Project Labor Agreement, further committing that the project’s construction work will be performed by union labor, Attentive Energy officials said.

Attentive Energy Managing Director Damian Bednarz said the company is eager to get started.

Who is Attentive Energy?

Attentive Energy’s shareholders, TotalEnergies and Corio Generation, are developing two projects, totaling some 3,000 megawatts, to supply renewable energy to communities across both New Jersey and New York. Attentive Energy leverages TotalEnergies’ and Corio Generation’s technical expertise, strong financial resources, and extensive experience in the offshore wind sector.

  • TotalEnergies, a multienergy company, has expertise in offshore operations and maintenance through its global activities. TotalEnergies is already developing offshore wind projects with a combined capacity of more than 13 gigawatts. TotalEnergies has an active portfolio of energy and industrial facilities in New Jersey including the Linden Lubricants Facility and Hutchinson Industries, as well as business-to-business solar projects with the Delaware River Port Authority.
  • Corio Generation is a portfolio company of Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group, operating on a standalone basis. The specialist offshore wind developer has one of the largest project pipelines globally, with more than 30 GW in development worldwide. Recently named Offshore Developer of the Year in the 2023 Wind Investment Awards, Corio is preparing to open a new U.S. office as it grows its team nationwide.

“As a responsive and forward-thinking concept for offshore wind, this project puts community first on and off the shore,” he said.

“The Attentive Energy Two proposal affirms our commitment to accelerate renewable energy and combat the climate crisis head-on in these crucial times.”

Eric Thumma, U.S. head for Corio Generation, obviously agreed.

“Offshore wind represents an incredible opportunity for the people of New Jersey, and we are deeply proud to be a part of the Attentive Energy Two project,” he said. “We believe the project will not only bring affordable, clean energy to the Garden State, but also create good green jobs and ensure a lasting positive legacy for communities here for decades to come.”

Attentive Energy officials said their efforts began in 2018, when the team began conversations with New Jersey stakeholders and communities nearly four years prior to securing federal Lease Area OCS-A 0538. Over this time, the Attentive Energy team has actively engaged with hundreds of stakeholders across the state, listening to their insights and learning how to develop this opportunity together.

A central component of the proposal is up to $300 million in community investments supporting a diversity of partners across environmental justice; labor, workforce and supply chain; education; biodiversity and conservation; research & development; and other sectors.

Through the project’s commitments, Attentive Energy officials said 97% of the investments are designed to serve overburdened communities.

Attentive Energy Two, in collaboration with grassroots coalitions of community-based organizations — representing Elizabeth, Paulsboro and Salem — will launch a new community advisory model between industry and stakeholders as the offshore wind sector grows and creates new pathways for a local diverse workforce and supply chain. These advisory boards will serve as models for other coalitions to be created throughout the state, attentive energy officials said.

Attentive Energy officials said their project also advances the voices of the environmental justice community through the creation of an innovative environmental justice social impact grant challenge to be administered by a New Jersey-based organization. The grants will provide funding to frontline environmental justice leaders and organizations across the state, increasing access to funding for the communities experiencing the greatest inequities and elevating the voices of leaders of color in the climate space.