Pope, at COP28, calls for action on climate change, says transition to clean energy is not happening fast enough

Urging swift action on what he is calling a “climate crisis,” Pope Francis released a new apostolic exhortation on climate change.

Speaking at the COP28 climate change conference, which is taking place in the United Arab Emirates, the pope offered strong support for an immediate transition to renewable energy.

“The necessary transition towards clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy, and the abandonment of fossil fuels, is not progressing at the necessary speed,” he said.

The pope also critiqued fossil fuel companies’ efforts at what some call greenwashing their continued exploration.

“Whatever is being done risks being seen only as a ploy to distract attention,” he said.

The document marks the first time a papal document of this level has focused exclusively on climate change.

This is also the first time a high-caliber statement from a standing pope has addressed a specific UN summit, a sign of the Vatican’s serious focus on the COP28 process.