Basecamp Fitness with high-intensity interval training set to open in Edgewater

Want to pack 50 minutes of supercharged exercise into only 35?

Basecamp Fitness in Edgewater might just be for you. The workout center officially opened its doors at 905 River Road — its first New Jersey studio. This location is spearheaded by new franchise owners Adam and Michael Orecchio, who also operate Anytime Fitness Cliffside Park. Basecamp Fitness is owned by Self Esteem Brands — parent franchisor to Anytime Fitness. To-date, Basecamp Fitness has sold 70 franchise licenses and shows no signs of slowing down.

Basecamp is inviting the community to the new location’s grand opening event of Oct. 13, with Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. There will be an assortment of delicious bites, beverages, prizes and more.

In celebration of the grand opening, founding members will receive 10% off their monthly membership rate, which will remain in effect for as long as membership levels are maintained. This exclusive offer can only be redeemed through the end of October.

“We’re excited to open our first Basecamp Fitness studio in New Jersey this fall. At Basecamp Fitness, we’re more than just a workout. Every new studio becomes a community within the Basecamp family,” Ben Camper, president of Basecamp Fitness, said. “We believe health and fitness are fundamental to a fulfilling life, and we’re dedicated to delivering efficient, top-tier fitness solutions to communities nationwide. We look forward to seeing the positive impact our franchisees can have on the health and well-being of the Edgewater community.”

Basecamp Fitness also celebrates every member’s individual fitness goals and personal milestones. The culture of member shout-outs and swag for milestones accomplished are part of the DNA. Members are encouraged to track their progress through Basecamp’s mobile app, allowing them to monitor their results and health data. Additionally, members can use the app to schedule classes and stay connected with the Basecamp community in real time.

“We’re privileged to own and operate the first Basecamp Fitness location in New Jersey,” Adam Orecchio said. “Fitness is a big part of mine and Mike’s lives, which is why we decided to open our first Anytime Fitness in Cliffside Park in 2021. After two years of success, we wanted to broaden our portfolio and knew Basecamp Fitness would be a natural fit. As a sister brand to Anytime Fitness, we were familiar with the concept and had the opportunity to be the first franchisee to bring the concept to New Jersey — and the rest is history. We’re confident Basecamp’s unique and effective workout will impress residents and we look forward to sharing that with the rest of the community very soon.”