Toms River community solar farm is energized, turning sun into savings

The Toms River community solar farm has been energized. Developed by New York-based MN8 Energy, a leading name in renewable energy solutions, this state-of-the-art solar farm is generating clean energy to power homes and businesses throughout the region.

Solstice Power Technologies, a leading provider in community solar, continues to lead the way in delivering accessible and cost-effective renewable energy solutions to communities across the state. This milestone not only marks a triumph in sustainable energy, but heralds a new era of cost savings for enrolled subscribers.

Subscribers who enrolled in this no-installation solar option through Solstice will now start seeing up to a 21% reduction in their electric bills, helping them save money while supporting the shift to sustainable energy sources.

Solstice’s innovative approach to community solar makes it easy for residents to contribute to a cleaner environment while enjoying the financial benefits of reduced energy costs.

“The Toms River solar project coming online marks another successful demonstration of MN8’s commitment to a sustainable energy future. As we expand our renewable energy portfolio, projects like these embody our mission to help customers on the journey to a decarbonized, electrified future,” MN8’s co-head of asset management, Andrew Bowers, said.

While most subscription spots have been claimed, limited opportunities still remain for a handful of individuals and businesses. By subscribing to the Toms River community solar farm, not only can you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, you can enjoy steady savings on your electric bills.