Tevogen Bio’s professor Sten Vermund elected to serve as president of the Global Virus Network

Professor Sten Vermund, chairperson of Warren-based Tevogen Bio’s Innovation and Public Health Advisory Board, has been elected to serve as the president of the Global Virus Network — a coalition comprised of leading virologists around the world, committed to solving viral diseases facing the human population. Vermund will serve as president upon the close of the annual GVN scientific meeting being held next week in Monaco.

Through Vermund’s extensive background in infectious disease epidemiology and pediatrics, and his significant leadership experience, he is uniquely positioned to contribute to the global effort against viral diseases. His new role at the Global Virus Network will further enable him to facilitate international collaboration among the virology community, fostering a proactive approach towards the prevention, control and treatment of viral outbreaks globally. Vermund continues faculty work at the Yale School of Public Health, where he served as dean from 2017-2022.

Tevogen Bio said it is immensely proud of Vermund’s appointment, recognizing it as a testament to his exceptional expertise, dedication and the influential impact he has in the field of public health and virology. This new appointment complements his ongoing contributions at Tevogen Bio, where he continues to provide invaluable guidance on innovation and public health initiatives.

“Dr. Vermund’s appointment is a significant acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions to the global health community,” Ryan Saadi, CEO of Tevogen Bio, said. “His comprehensive expertise and distinguished leadership continue to be a catalyst for advancements in virology and public health, both within our organization and the broader scientific community. We look forward to supporting both Dr. Vermund and the GVN in their endeavors and are excited about the positive impact his presidency will have on global viral and pandemic threat preparedness and response.”