Special moment in Seoul for PSEG’s Hyun, Korean native and dual citizen

SEOUL, South Korea — The ceremony celebrated the unique partnership between Public Service Enterprise Group and Korea-based companies Cheryong Electric and Taihan Cable, acknowledging how they came together to solve what could have been a crippling supply-chain issue during the pandemic — and how their eagerness to maintain the partnership should serve as an example for others to follow.

But, after acknowledging the efforts of his new partners, PSEG Chair and CEO Ralph LaRossa went out of his way to acknowledge one of his own: PSEG Vice President, Procurement, and Deputy General Counsel Michael Hyun.

“Michael deserves so much of the credit,” LaRossa said. “We could not have done what we did with Michael and his team.

“What they did is something you write procurement books about.”

LaRossa acknowledged Hyun during a special ceremony Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea — the first event in Korea during this leg of 2023 New Jersey East Asia Economic Mission trip.

The moment was extra special for Hyun, who was born and raised in South Korea, graduating from Seoul National University before going to Columbia Law School in New York City.

Hyun, who said he was honored just to be asked to go on the trip, said the moment was very meaningful.

“It’s really special,” he said. “To put it simply, it’s making my parents very happy. They are very proud.”

Hyun said he didn’t exclusively look to South Korea when he was looking for what Cheryong Electric and Taihan Cable were able to provide — transformers and cable. But, he said his familiarity with the country and his citizens made him know Korean companies had a work ethic required at a time like the pandemic.

“I’m a dual citizen and I’m very proud of both of my heritages,” he said. “And I know Korea is filled with hard-working people committed to excellence.”

Hyun demonstrates his work ethic in many ways.

Choose New Jersey CEO Wes Mathews said Hyun was instrumental in helping the group plan this leg of the trip. Mathews also acknowledged Hyun during the ceremony.

Hyun said the honor was his.

“To accompany the governor on a trip like this, and see all the pieces fitting together, is truly special,” he said.