Mission notebook, Day 5: It’s New Jersey and You … Take 2 (VIDEO)

State unveils promotional video of New Jersey during East Asia Economic Mission

SEOUL, South Korea — It’s not “New Jersey and You, perfect together.”

Truth is, it might be better.

Choose New Jersey showed off a promotional video, made by Narrative Media, of the state for the first time this week during the 2023 New Jersey East Asia Economic Mission. It got rave reviews.

Fast. Catchy. All New Jersey. And created in a way where the team could easily update the images (to fit a particular crowd) with ease.

The video had many referencing the iconic “New Jersey and You” TV pitch that former Gov. Tom Kean used to tout the state back in the 1980s.

Choose New Jersey CEO Wes Mathews was thrilled with the video.

“Our new video short is part of our new marketing campaign, ‘This is New Jersey — you can do anything here,’” he said. “We wanted it to represent the dynamism of the state in all its many facets: economic momentum, led by some of the most innovative, research-driven industries on the planet; academic excellence from pre-K to higher ed; diverse, livable communities; and nature, from the Shore to the mountains.

“We tried to encapsulate the energy and enthusiasm we feel that represents the new New Jersey, and plan to deploy it at trade shows, economic missions abroad and online on our website and in our social presence.”

Where is the governor and what day/time is it?

If you’re reading this in New Jersey at 2 p.m. Wednesday, it’s 3 a.m. Thursday in Seoul — or perhaps just a few hours after the delegation got back from a planned Karaoke night that included Gov. Phil Murphy (thankfully, there’s no video of that).

What happened on Day 5 (Wednesday in South Korea)?

What’s next: Key events for Day 6 (Thursday in South Korea)

  • Breakfast: Delegates will meet with members of FOMEK (the Federation of Middle-Market Enterprises in Korea).
  • Tour I: Delegates will take a private tour at the War Memorial of Korea. (Yes, there was a request to go near the DMZ — yes, it was rejected.)
  • Tour II: Delegates will take a tour of LG Science Park.

Why are you here? Insights from the delegates

Chris Guiton
Senior director, state government affairs
Johnson & Johnson

“As an iconic New Jersey company, we want to help highlight the state and business in the state to potential companies and partners.

“It’s what Choose New Jersey is all about and what we’re all about. It’s baked in our credo to serve our community, which is both New Brunswick hyperlocal, and across the state.

“We’re a proud global company and a proud New Jersey company. This is very much right in the wheelhouse of what we’re trying to do more of.

“Personally, it’s great to meet other folks who are part of the delegation.”

Quotes of the day

“The basic view is, if you walk in the other guy’s shoes, you’re a lot less likely to have conflict, you’re a lot more likely to be tolerant and understand each other, more likely to be a global citizen.” — Gov. Phil Murphy, on why he is encouraging more student exchange programs between South Korea and New Jersey

“I’m very grateful to Gov. Murphy for using this trip to foster collaborations, such as this one, which have the potential to yield significant societal and economic benefits to New Jersey and also the Republic of Korea.” — NJIT President Teik Lim regarding agreement with Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Quick economic stat on South Korea-U.S.

Central to the growing economic ties is the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which came into effect in 2012. The KORUS FTA has facilitated trade and investment between the two countries by gradually reducing tariffs as high as 12.1% to zero for 95% of all goods over the past 10 years.

South Korean exports to the U.S. are dominated by automobiles, electronic products, machinery and high-tech equipment. Key U.S. exports to South Korea include agricultural products, machinery, medical equipment and aircraft.

Quick sports stat on South Korea-N.J.

Casey Yu-Jin Phair, who became the youngest female to ever play in the Women’s World Cup last summer, goes to school at Pingry and lives in Warren Township. She played for South Korea. Yu-Jin Phair was 16 years and 26 days old, and was born in South Korea to an American father and South Korean mother.

Eatin’ and drinkin’

South Korea has a pretty weak coffee game. Don’t get us wrong, the coffee is plenty strong enough — but there’s not enough of it. Its large is our small. We’re good on the smaller serving sizes for food (there’s no obesity problem here). But, when it comes to coffee, the country needs to learn to fill ’er up.

And then there’s …

Seoul looks like a new city. Because it is. Virtually destroyed by the war that split the peninsula in two, Seoul is a shining example of rebirth and city planning. The buildings are modern and well organized — two things almost every U.S. city lacks.