Donor gift helps Inspira Health expand Community Health Worker program

Inspira Health has expanded the Community Health Worker program in the city of Millville, a significant milestone in its commitment toward population health and addressing social drivers of health.

The CHW program will be accessible to residents of Millville, regardless of insurance status or socioeconomic conditions.

Community Health Workers are crucial, as they serve as a bridge between communities and the health care and social service systems. They often help patients navigate health care, support new parents and link people to relevant programs and resources.

“We are honored to bring the Community Health Worker program to the residents of Millville,” Amy Mansue, CEO and president of Inspira Health, said. “In order to truly create a healthier society, we need provide the tools and resources to overcome barriers to care that many people face. Our Community Health Worker program will enable us to meet people where they are, out in the community, and begin to address those social determinants of health that are negatively affecting our communities.”

The launch event also recognized the generous contribution of Jane and Peter Galetto, who provided the necessary funding to expand the Community Health Worker program in Millville.

“It is our goal to help improve lives in Millville and the surrounding areas by connecting them with available resources through the efforts of the Community Health Worker,” Peter Galetto said. “We hope that the results of this pilot program will demonstrate the value of this program and the need for broader and more long-term support.”

“We are tremendously grateful to Jane and Peter Galetto for their commitment to making our communities healthier,” Mansue said. “They have already given Inspira and the greater South Jersey community so much support over the years, and everything they do for our communities is truly commendable.”