Choose New Jersey to open Asia-Pacific office in Taipei City in 2024

N.J. Asia-Pacific Center, 5th international office for Choose, aims to help state capture economic opportunities in region

In the signature move of the 2023 New Jersey East Asia Economic Mission — and in an effort to ensure the positive impact of the trip will remain going forward — Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday that Choose New Jersey will open an Asia-Pacific office in Taipei City in 2024.

The office, to be called the New Jersey Asia-Pacific Center, will be the fifth international office for Choose New Jersey, all of which have opened since Murphy was first elected governor in 2017.

The office aims to open in the first part of 2024. Who will serve as the director — and how big the staff will be — has yet to be determined.

Its purpose is clear: The New Jersey Asia-Pacific Center will aim to help strengthen the ties between New Jersey and the region and enable increased trade and collaboration in the sectors that are crucial to New Jersey’s continued economic success, such as technology, life sciences, manufacturing and clean energy, officials said.

New Jersey officials feel East Asia’s rapid economic development and technological advancements partner well with New Jersey’s diverse industries and strategic location, make for a mutually beneficial partnership.

The office will give New Jersey representatives on the ground in the region year-round, helping the state better secure opportunities. Such an office is a necessity, not a luxury. When it opens, it will mark the 19th state to have a presence in Taiwan.

Because the office will serve multiple countries — with multiple languages and business customs — the search for a leader will require an even higher level of vetting and patience.

That being said, Murphy said he is eager to get going.

“The opening of Choose New Jersey’s first-ever Asia-Pacific office is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unleash unprecedented growth and prosperity for both New Jersey and the Asia-Pacific region, especially Taiwan,” he said.

The governor said the office is a direct result of the strong bilateral relationships built between New Jersey and significant partners in East Asia in recent years — relationships that have been strengthen during the trip.

“With this new office, we will strengthen the economic and cultural ties that have connected our people for decades, create new opportunities for workers and families, and help preserve a free and open exchange of ideas, trade and collaboration that benefits both New Jersey and our partners in the region,” he said.

The trade and investment relationship between East Asia and New Jersey is a pivotal driver of economic growth and cross-cultural exchange, economic development officials said.

“The relationship between New Jersey and our East Asian partners has long promoted our mutual goals of economic prosperity and increased academic and cultural ties,” Choose New Jersey CEO Wes Mathews said. “The bonds we share will only be strengthened by New Jersey’s full-time presence in East Asia, and I am excited to work closely with businesses throughout the region to strengthen those relationships and expand their opportunities for growth in New Jersey and the United States.”

Tim Sullivan, the CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, said the office will showcase New Jersey’s deep interest in East Asia and will support companies looking to expand into the North American market.

“For decades, East Asia has been a critical partner to the United States, which has helped create great opportunities here in New Jersey.” he said, “Opening an Asia-Pacific office will help bolster our shared economic and cultural values — unlocking the potential for exceptional economic growth.

“Choose New Jersey’s new office will strengthen our bond and result in new job opportunities in strategic sectors, creating a stronger and more diverse economy.”