Ocean Power Technologies secures $1.6M order for WAM-V 16 data collection vehicles


Monroe Township-based Ocean Power Technologies on Tuesday said it received an additional volume order from Sulmara, an offshore services firm, of WAM-V 16 uncrewed surface vehicles, “making this the largest single order of WAM-Vs to date.”

OPT said the order, valued at $1.6 million, underscores its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the offshore industry. Due to demand, production is already underway to support and will allow for revenue recognition this fiscal year.

According to OPT’s website, the VAM-V 16 USVs are suited for small to medium marine data collection projects. Sulmara will use the WAM-V 16 in various subsea applications, including hydrographic survey, remote inspections, UXO detections and environmental monitoring, across many markets, including global offshore wind development.

“Our investment in a fleet of bespoke WAM-V USVs is marking another pivotal step in our ongoing mission to decarbonize the offshore industry,” Sulmara’s chief operating officer, Carlo Pinto, said. “This strategic move not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental sustainability but also consolidates our role as an industry pioneer in adopting innovative solutions.”