Trinity Solar completes milestone 100,000th solar installation

Trinity Solar, a Wall-based provider of residential solar energy solutions, has achieved a major milestone in its mission to empower families with clean energy. The company recently completed its 100,000th solar installation, marking a significant achievement in making renewable energy accessible to U.S. homeowners.

Trinity has grown exponentially since opening as a heating and air contractor in 1994 and installing its first solar system in 2004. What has always remained consistent is the commitment to putting people first and doing business with integrity. Trinity’s workforce of 3,000 employees is dedicated to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service to make sustainable living easy.

“We didn’t invent business, and we didn’t invent solar. We just apply them differently than most. We are proud of how we’ve been able to serve our customers, support our employees, and have a positive environmental impact,” Tom Pollock, CEO of Trinity Solar said. “That’s why we’ve been around for 30 years and been able to help 100,000 customers.”

While the average residential system produces about 9,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, the effect of 100,000 solar arrays is powerful. Beyond the environmental impact of reducing reliance on fossil fuels, homeowners also avoid the consequences of utility rate hikes because they produce their own clean, renewable solar energy.