The Energy Transition: An ROI-NJ discussion on flexible energy systems powering the future

How is Gov. Phil Murphy’s Energy Master Plan impacting your business plan? Is it pushing you to more clean energy projects faster than planned?

Should Ørsted’s departure from the offshore wind industry in New Jersey lead to a reset of goals, plans, initiatives and conversations around the state’s master plan?

And, of course, are they coming for your gas stove — or the furnace in your building?

At 9 a.m. Nov. 21, we’ll answer these questions and more with our panelists at the ROI-NJ event, “The Energy Transition: A discussion on flexible energy systems powering the future.”

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The panelists:

  • Eric DeGesero: President of Edge Consulting; executive vice president of N.J. Fuel Merchants;
  • Barb Blumenthal: Research director, N.J. Conservation Foundation;
  • Eric Miller: Director, N.J. energy policy, climate and clean energy at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The group will explain where the state goes from here — talking about the need to balance the development of “traditional” clean energy initiatives (solar, wind, electric vehicles) and newer innovations (green hydrogen, etc).

And they’ll talk about doing it in a realistic timeframe. Everyone wants to “switch” to clean energy programs overnight — what needs to happen to ensure changes are made economically and equitably?

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