Josh Gottheimer launches ‘Jumpstart Jersey’ initiative; centralized collection of strong governing ideas

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one site that collected all the best ideas New Jerseyans had and organized them in a one-stop-shop? Everyone up and down the state, from mayors and small business owners to labor and faith leaders, as well as police, firefighters and veterans … anyone, anywhere in New Jersey now has that in a new initiative launched on Tuesday by U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

Known as “Jumpstart Jersey,” Gottheimer (D-5th Dist.) said the program will collect, highlight and organize some of the best ideas in action across the state, and bring them together in one place — — for everyone to take advantage of in their communities.

With the new site backed by a six-figure digital ad buy, Gottheimer, in a video released with the announcement, said the best ideas he’s helped bring to Washington, D.C., to solve problems have originated right here in New Jersey.

“Now, I want to bring even more of you in on this conversation, to continue getting the best ideas from people across Jersey, about how we can make our state even better,” he said. “We have some big issues in front of us, but also some big opportunities. From creating and bringing more jobs for everyone, to making life more affordable with lower taxes and lower child care costs for our children. So folks can afford to stay here — whether that’s after graduation or after retirement.”

Jumpstart Jersey will benefit families and communities in not only in his district but around the state. It will feature and help organize the ideas into a one-stop-shop based on Gottheimer’s conversations and submissions from individuals in his district and beyond.

Gottheimer launched Jumpstart Jersey in Fort Lee, highlighting the work of Mayor Mark Sokolich and the council, including President Paul Yoon and Councilmember Ila Kasofsky, that has made Fort Lee an even better place to live and work. They highlighted their leading efforts to improve communication with residents, so they can more directly access city services and engage with their local government; build community gardens in densely populated neighborhoods; and revitalize Fort Lee’s downtown by completing construction of the Barrymore Film Center.