Dr. Ran Rubinstein opens new cosmetic surgery office to serve Montvale

Renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ran Rubinstein opens a new office in Montvale, NJ, offering a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr. Ran Rubinstein, a dedicated facial plastic surgeon known for his meticulous attention to detail and caring approach to his work, recently announced the opening of his latest office, in Montvale.

The new Rubinstein Plastic Surgery Center location is a significant milestone in Rubinstein’s mission to make premium plastic surgery services accessible to more people. The Montvale office reaches patients from Bergen and Rockland counties, Manhattan, Westchester and beyond. This office, a second location for his practice, reflects Rubinstein’s dedication to making high-quality cosmetic treatments more accessible. Individuals in a broader geographical area can now benefit from his expertise and the innovative services offered at the new Montvale center.

Located at 160 Summit Ave., Suite 201, the property is conveniently accessible to patients in and around the area. The new location will have up-to-date facilities and will be outfitted with the latest technologies, ensuring that patients benefit from the most advanced and efficient treatments available in the field of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

Rubinstein’s commitment to the field of plastic surgery extends beyond his office doors. He is deeply involved in training the next generation of plastic surgeons, regularly sharing his knowledge and expertise with other professionals.

The new Montvale location is will also be home to Rubinstein’s training center, Rubinstein Aesthetic Training Specialists. The center stands out as a leader in the region for advanced training in injectables and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. The new facility can provide an engaging and interactive setting that isn’t possible online or in large groups. Rubinstein Aesthetic Training Specialists has been deemed the “Center of Excellence” for dermal filler and Sculptra training.

Rubinstein Plastic Surgery Center will serve as a destination for a variety of popular and effective cosmetic procedures. With a focus on individualized needs and attention to detail, Rubinstein says he and his team will ensure that each patient receives the best possible care.

Rubinstein also offers consultations and services at his Newburgh, New York, location. Those interested in any cosmetic procedure can book a private appointment with Rubinstein to discuss their goals.