Mc Gowan Builders’ CEO donates $25K to Meadowlands Area YMCA

Patrick Mc Gowan’s support of Meadowlands Y will continue after his board service concludes at end of year

The Meadowlands Area YMCA recently announced an additional $25,000 donation from Patrick Mc Gowan of Mc Gowan Builders, and will name a wing of its day care facility in honor of the generous gift.

Giving through the Loretta Mc Gowan Foundation, a nonprofit that fosters research and educational programs to help people with Down syndrome, Mc Gowan has been one of the most generous donors to the Meadowlands YMCA, giving over $250,000 in charitable donations over the last seven years. Mc Gowan also serves on the Meadowlands Y’s board of directors and, after a decade, he will conclude his board service at the close of 2023.

“It has been an incredible honor and privilege to have served on the Meadowlands YMCA board,” Mc Gowan said. “Developing the Y into a vital community institution has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thinking about where we started to where we are today has been a remarkable undertaking — we now serve over 200 children in day care and 15,000 people in our membership and social service programs. We have established the Y as a resource that so many people depend on — it is now a pillar of the northern New Jersey community.”

In addition to its day care and social service programs, the Meadowlands Y has distributed nearly 3 million meals since its food distributions started in March 2020 when the COVID Pandemic began.

“Patrick has not only provided incredible financial support to the Y — but the time and dedication he selflessly invested into our efforts has been invaluable,” David Kisselback, CEO and president of the Meadowlands Y, said. “Without that type of commitment, our organization wouldn’t be able to help provide the essential services that so many depend on — it has been an honor to work with him on advancing our missions here in Bergen County and beyond.”

Other than the Mara family, owner of the New York Giants, Mc Gowan has been one of the largest and most consistent financial supporters of the Meadowlands Y. The Y’s service area consists of 132,000 households serving more than 350,000 guests per year.

“While my term of service on the board may be ending, my dedication to the Y is not,” Mc Gowan said. “I still plan on being involved in any way that I can to be part of this incredible group of people who are dedicated to helping others.”