Rutgers suspends Students for Justice in Palestine organization

Rutgers University has suspended Students for Justice in Palestine on the New Brunswick campus, effective immediately, according to a letter to the organization by Rutgers Student Affairs and seen by ROI-NJ.

The letter, dated Monday, said Rutgers is taking action against the organization based on multiple complaints against the organization that allege the group, on multiple occasions, has disrupted classes, a program, meals and students studying.

The letter said that, during the suspension, “The organization is prohibited from participating in any university activity and promoting university programs without express permission from the senior student affairs officer or their designee.

“Any violation of these directives will lead to further/harsher sanctioning.”

The letter said the suspension is being handed out in accordance with the Student Organization Policies and Procedures Interim Action.

The letter notes: “This policy guide grants this authority when the university determines that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that the continued activities by this student organization pose a substantial and immediate threat to the safety and well-being of others, or the suspension of organizational activities is needed to maintain preservation of the university.”

The letter notes the organization’s alleged behavior violates the following provisions of the University Code of Student Conduct, Section VI: Rules and Regulations, including:

  • f. Disruptive or disorderly conduct;
  • h. Failure to comply with university or civil authority;
  • k. Guest responsibility;
  • m. Inappropriate use of space.

The letter said the group has the right to appear before the vice chancellor for student affairs, Salvador Mena, or his designee, within two working days to discuss only these issues:

  • The reliability of the information concerning your alleged misconduct;
  • Whether the conduct and surrounding circumstances reasonably indicate that there is no potential threat or danger to community members by the activity or organization.

The letter notes it will be the vice chancellor’s decision whether to affirm or alter the interim suspension of activity based on the meeting.


Antisemitism at Rutgers has been a cause of concern for many, especially those in the Rutgers Business School. ROI-NJ published this report on Monday.