Kearny Bank donates $10K to largest animal welfare organization in New Jersey

Funds will help support community welfare programs of Associated Humane Societies

The Associated Humane Societies — New Jersey’s largest animal welfare organization, with locations in Essex, Monmouth and Ocean counties — has received a $10,000 donation from Kearny Bank. The funds, provided through the KearnyBank Foundation, will be utilized to support the AHS’ varied community wellness programs.

Established in 1906, the AHS is currently in the midst of a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Newark headquarters location.

The organization cares for an average of 1,300 animals on any given day, and an approximate total of 7,000 animals each year. A no-kill shelter, AHS euthanizes animals in its care only related to illness and injury or serious behavioral issues.

“We have lots of balls in the air — from our core mission of caring for animals, to programs that help owners to hold on to their pets during difficult economic times, to our Newark renovation project — so, we’re tremendously appreciative of contributions from corporate partners like Kearny Bank,” AHS CEO Jerry Rosenthal said. “We simply couldn’t function without these critical financial donations, because there’s really never a shortage of dogs, cats or other animals in need of help.”

Kearny Bank, through the KearnyBank Foundation, donated $721,500 to nearly 100 distinct, charitable organizations during calendar 2022. For the five-year period from 2018 through 2022, total contributions exceeded $3.75 million.

“We’re passionate about contributing to local, charitable organizations, and it’s difficult to imagine one with a mission that tugs at the heartstrings more than the Associated Humane Societies,” Kearny Bank CEO and President Craig Montanaro said. “From puppies and cats to an old pet that just needs a warm bed, to wild animals in dire need, this group has a history of compassion stretching back more than a century.”

AHS has about 150 employees at its three locations, as well as a large number of regular volunteers who assist with such tasks as walking dogs and socializing cats. In addition to domesticated pets, the organization also cares for some wild and farm animals at its Popcorn Park Animal Refuge in Forked River, which opened in 1977. It’s typically home to about 200 animals and these, at various times, have included lions, tigers, a blind kangaroo and even a boa constrictor that had been found on a fire escape in New York City.

Contributions to the Associated Humane Societies can be made online, at, or by calling 609-693-1900.