Holy Name performs first total ankle replacement surgery with 3D printed bone implant

Iannuzzi: Procedure could revolutionize orthopedic care

Holy Name recently performed its first surgery using a custom 3D printed bone implant to repair a patient’s foot and ankle.

Dr. Peter Iannuzzi.

This groundbreaking technology, which represents a significant leap forward in the field of orthopedic patient care, was performed by Dr. Peter Iannuzzi, a Holy Name podiatric surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery. He performed the surgery on a patient who suffered with chronic pain and had difficulty walking.

The new 3D procedure utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including advanced imaging, to provide physicians with an enhanced visual understanding of a patient’s anatomy. This imaging is used to create a customized bone tailor-made to meet the patient’s specific needs. For this procedure, Iannuzzi removed the patient’s bone at the top of the foot and replaced it with a new 3D printed titanium alloy bone and new ankle joint.

Part of the 3D printed material.

Iannuzzi said one key advantage of the 3D procedure was enhanced preoperative planning. Iannuzzi was able to examine the patient’s foot and ankle in three dimensions prior to surgery, allowing for more accurate surgical plans and an overall improved patient experience.

Through this unprecedented level of visualization, Iannuzzi was able to work with the medical team to craft a new bone and navigate delicate areas with increased precision, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring optimal outcomes for his patient.

“The ability to replicate a bone through this 3D procedure marks a significant milestone in patient care,” he said. “We are now equipped with an unparalleled tool to advance surgical interventions, ultimately providing our patients with better outcomes and improved quality of life.”