The Great 8: My favorite (offbeat) stories for 2023

A screenshot from the competition.

We call them the one-offs. They are the type of stories that only tangentially connect to the New Jersey business community.

They are not the typical “who’s hiring/who’s firing; who’s coming/who’s going” pieces you see on ROI-NJ.

But they are good reads — and who doesn’t want that?

From the story of the recovery of a 50-year-old suit, to an effort of climbing slippery stairs … to a look at life as “the accidental videographer” to life as a New Jersey transplant in Tulsa … to the day the Flying Bananas came to town, to the day everyone went bananas when Messi came to town … to my words of advice for college graduates to my funny response to the governor — these are my favorite stories of the year.

No one is going to back up the Pulitzer truck after reading any one of them, but we’re hoping you may crack a smile in the process.

So, as we say goodbye to 2023, here’s one more look at some of the fun we had along the way.