WilkinGuttenplan announces succession of managing shareholder: Fiorentino takes over for Guttenplan

Dan Fiorentino has been appointed as the new managing shareholder of East Brunswick-based Wilkin & Guttenplan P.C. His appointment became effective Jan. 1.

Fiorentino takes over for outgoing Managing Shareholder Ed Guttenplan, who expressed his complete belief in Fiorentino, saying: “I am proud of what we have achieved during my tenure, and I am confident that Dan will lead the firm to new heights. His dedication and innovative mindset will be instrumental in our continued success.”

Fiorentino has been with the firm since 2006, after an internship in 2005. During his career, he has risen to this honor through dedication and a willingness to learn. He specializes in providing consulting services to clients in all business cycle phases, from operational improvements, tax planning and compliance in the early stages to succession planning and due diligence work in the later phases.

Fiorentino has also been involved with various administrative areas within the firm for many years. Early in his career, he led the Advisory Council, charged with the responsibility of addressing all employee concerns. He is now the head of the firm’s Executive Committee, addressing all the vital issues impacting firm governance. He also leads the firm’s Strategic Planning Committee, focusing on short-term and long-term visionary goals. Fiorentino is a coach for several younger staff members, guiding them through their careers. He has contributed to developing the firm’s staff, including training and orientation programs.

He expressed enthusiasm for his new role and emphasized his commitment to the firm’s mission and core values.

“I feel incredibly honored and excited to take on this new role. Our firm has a remarkable track record over the past 40 years under the guidance of Ed Guttenplan. I will do everything I can to continue this success, upholding WG’s core values while adapting to the changing world,” he said.

Deb Norwicke, a shareholder and chief operating officer, said: “Dan’s integrity is unwavering, his accountability unquestionable and his self-awareness and respect for others set a gold standard. A key architect in shaping the strategic trajectory of our practice groups, departments and leadership teams, he navigates challenges with a blend of fearless resolve and empathetic wisdom. A master of tactful communication, he emboldens individuals to take calculated risks and inspires them to aspire to their utmost potential. His leadership embodies courage in confronting issues directly while infusing compassion when called for, creating a culture that nurtures growth and encourages everyone to thrive as their best selves.”

Ed Wilkin, shareholder and co-founder of WG, said: “Forty years back, fate brought me together with my partner, Ed Guttenplan — a person of complementary qualities to mine. Together, we built an incredible business, with Ed at the helm as managing shareholder for over four decades.”

WilkinGuttenplan said that, as the firm undergoes a transition in managing shareholders, its vision remains steadfast in fostering long-lasting relationships, promoting a culture that values and supports employees, leveraging deep expertise and delivering proactive service.