Rever promoted to partner at Genova Burns

Scott Rever, a top bankruptcy attorney in the state, has been promoted to partner at Genova Burns, the firm announced this week.

Rever, a seasoned veteran with nearly three decades of experience, has been an integral part of Genova Burns’ growing Bankruptcy and Restructuring law practice.

Group Chair Dan Stolz said Rever has been instrumental to the group’s success.

“Scott is a talented, hardworking attorney who has a keen understanding of the bankruptcy laws,” he said.  “He is an asset to the firm, and I am overjoyed to call him partner.”

Rever’s specialty is extricating clients from difficult and challenging financial situations.

Serving small business owners who find their personal lives in jeopardy due to significant business debt due to failed business ventures, Rever embraces a strategy to curtail expensive litigations and reach settlements with the bankruptcy trustees to reduce a client’s exposure and litigation costs.  He also represents several bankruptcy trustees, assisting the trustees in liquidating and administering assets to pay creditors.

Rever said he prides himself on his empathy and care for clients as an advocate and employing a pragmatic approach to resolving matters.

“It is special to be recognized for hard work, and my dedication to providing quality legal services to the firm’s clients,” he said. “I think keeping clients informed and appraised of the risks and status of their case enables them to make informed decisions as to how to proceed.  This is one of my top priorities.

“I’m proud to be able to continue to help clients, now as a partner at Genova Burns.”

Rever serves as a Subchapter V trustee, appointed by the Office of the U.S. Trustee, where he oversees Small Business Chapter 11 cases and serves as a liaison to the Court and the U.S. Trustee’s office assisting small business debtors in confirming Chapter 11 plans to reorganize and exit bankruptcy as a going concern.

He also serves as an assignee for the benefit of creditors in state court insolvency proceedings, serving as a fiduciary for creditors charged with the responsibility of liquidating a company’s assets for the benefit of its creditors. Reve also serves on the Lawyers Advisory Committee to the Bankruptcy Court.