Scale Microgrids acquires 500 MW of community solar projects in U.S.

Ridgewood-based Scale Microgrids announced it has entered into an agreement with Gutami Inc. to acquire 500 megawatts of distributed solar and storage projects. The projects are in locations across the U.S., including in California and New York.

The transaction builds on an earlier 100 MW partnership in New York.

“Community solar continues to be a priority for Scale for both its inclusivity and ability to provide more options to our microgrid customers,” Ryan Goodman, CEO of Scale Microgrids, said. “Community solar is a great option for those who are unable to install rooftop solar because they are renters, can’t afford solar or because their property is not suited for it.”

The associated assets with the deal will power roughly 80,000 homes and reduce annual CO2 emissions by about 800,000 tons.

Scale Microgrids is a vertically integrated distributed energy platform, focused on building, financing, owning and operating solar and energy storage projects. The company provides financing to technology providers, energy developers and original equipment manufacturers. It also assists large consumers of energy to take charge of their energy infrastructure.

Gutami is a privately owned global developer and investor in sustainable energy solutions. The company, founded in 2006, has invested in utility-scale solar facilities, rooftop solar, energy storage and hydrogen.

“After our first success in New York, we were able to expand to other states,” Gerben Pek, CEO of Gutami, said. “The fast decision-making processes by local governments, combined with clear legal structures and a well-functioning legal system, enables us to accelerate our growth in community solar in the U.S.”