Private Advisor Group relocates HQ to Morristown; expands to Carolinas

Private Advisor Group last week said it has relocated its headquarters to a newer state-of-the-art office space at 305 Madison Ave. in Morristown.

The company, which has already had a strong presence in the city for the last 25 years but moved to a newer space to house members of the executive leadership team, as well as dedicated employees pivotal to the company’s success. Additionally, the space is sublet to local financial advisers affiliated with Private Advisor Group, creating a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Jim Perhacs, chief operating officer of Private Advisor Group, expressed excitement about the headquarters relocation, stating: “We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter with the relocation of our headquarters. The new Morristown workspace mirrors a contemporary setting designed to elevate the work environment for our employees and advisers. Our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for advisers remains steadfast, and this move allows us to enhance our operations, foster collaboration and better serve clients over the long term.”

The newly acquired office space in Morristown offers various amenities, including an onsite restaurant, recreational activities and a state-of-the-art training center, highlighting Private Advisor Group’s dedication to investing in talent and ongoing professional development.

Also announced last week, the company said it is expanding to Rock Hill, South Carolina, as a way to enhance nationwide support and foster local connections in thriving communities across the U.S.

The newly established office, housed in a historic bank building constructed in 1925, serves as a home to firm executives, including Frank Smith, the CEO, and various team leaders overseeing finance, compliance, business development, administration and strategy. Private Advisor Group’s commitment to dynamic growth and community engagement is exemplified by its presence in Rock Hill.

“The historic setting of our new office adds a unique dimension to our presence in the Carolinas,” Smith said. “In envisioning our new space, we see more than an office — it’s a dynamic working and meeting hub that will serve as a catalyst for collaboration among our esteemed financial advisors and partners.”

“The new location opening has been no small feat. We’re truly grateful to our employees, our families and community. We look forward to contributing positively to the vibrant Rock Hill business landscape while continually enhancing our service to advisers and investors nationwide.”

These strategic expansions align with Private Advisor Group’s commitment to long-term growth, talent development and community engagement.