Valley Hospital launches program to enhance the care of women in labor 

The Ridgewood-based Valley Hospital on Thursday announced it has introduced a laborist program, designed to enhance the care and comfort of women who are in labor.

Five independent Valley Medical Group physicians will provide care through the laborist program, assisting Valley’s obstetrician team with the care of patients on the hospital’s labor and delivery unit and providing comprehensive support for the L&D team.

“All babies born at the Valley Hospital will still be delivered by the patient’s primary obstetrician,” Dr. Yael Haken, director of the laborist program at the Valley Hospital, said. “Valley’s laborist program simply provides patients with an additional member of their care team who is dedicated to ensuring a safe and comfortable delivery. The physician they have built a relationship with throughout their pregnancy will be there, but with an extra hand.”

In the absence of a patient’s main obstetrics physician, laborists can triage patients, order necessary medications, step in to begin delivery and assist in a difficult delivery. The laborists will be in constant communication with the patient’s primary obstetrician.

“The key benefit of this program is the availability of additional physicians for the patient; the patient will never be alone, and the patient can always anticipate someone assessing and attending to their needs, whether that is pain or questions about labor,” Dr. Tia Welsh, chair of women’s services for Valley Medical Group, said. “There will always be someone available 24/7 to attend to patients, assist physicians and provide the high-quality care that Valley is known for.”

Valley’s laborists only provide care at the Valley Hospital and do not see patients in the outpatient setting. The team will also be involved in teaching the next generation of physicians, educating residents from Valley’s obstetrics and gynecology residency program, beginning in July.

For more information about the Valley Hospital Center for Childbirth, please click here.