Virtua Health partners with for systemwide implementation of AI-enabled care solutions

Virtua Health will leverage‘s Smart Care Facility Platform and Always-Aware ambient sensors to enhance patient care, support nursing staff and empower care teams with new artificial intelligence-assisted virtual models of care.

Virtua Health has partnered with and will implement the advanced AI Smart Care Facility’s Virtual Care platform throughout the health system, starting with Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden.

“By embracing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and ambient intelligence, Virtua is pioneering a new era in patient care,” Dr. Tarun Kapoor, senior vice president and chief digital transformation officer at Virtua Health, said. “We are excited to announce the enterprisewide partnership with; this marks a significant step in our mission to create a more intuitive care journey for all our patients.”

“Our focus is not just on integrating cutting-edge technologies, but on enhancing the human aspects of health care. By swiftly adopting optical cameras and ambient sensors, we’re poised to markedly enhance the patient and care team experience, ensuring a safer, more efficient and empathically connected health care experience,” Michael Capriotti, senior vice president of integration and strategic operations at Virtua Health, said. is the artificial intelligence company redefining how care is delivered.’s solutions transform physical spaces into self-aware smart care environments to autonomously enhance and optimize clinical and operational workflows, delivering a transformative approach to virtual care models.’s Virtual Care solutions will be seamlessly integrated into Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and, ultimately, all acute care settings across Virtua Health. In December 2023, the hospital launched a pilot Virtual Nurse initiative in a medical-surgical unit that empowers bedside and remote nurses to work in tandem to provide patient care. The Virtual Nurse communicates with patients through a secure, two-way optical camera; patients’ family members can also participate in video calls from offsite. The pilot has received favorable patient feedback thus far and is poised to expand to additional hospital divisions.

The larger collaboration is set to optimize patient care, improve the patient and provider experience and amplify clinician capabilities of both on-site and virtual care teams.

Physicians, nurses and staff are united by the same comprehensive platform, streamlining a wide array of patient care tasks, from routine admit and discharge activities to documentation, fall prevention and clinician safety. By alleviating the administrative burden of on-site nurses, the AI Smart Care Facility Platform enables them to focus more time and attention on the crucial hands-on care that only they can provide.

“Health systems are facing unprecedented clinician workforce shortages, emphasizing the crucial need to enhance the productivity and presence of care teams with technology that is proven to easily scale,” founder and CEO Chakri Toleti said. “Our partnership with Virtua Health to leverage first our Smart from the Start virtual care solutions, supported by the ambient intelligence capabilities of our Smart Care Facility Platform, will reimagine a new and enhanced layer of support that empowers Virtua clinicians to work at the top of their licenses, focusing their time and skills on delivering compassionate care with a human touch.”

“At Virtua Health, we are constantly seeking innovative approaches to enhance the health care experience for both our patients and clinicians,” Capriotti said. “Our partnership with represents a significant stride in this journey, bringing the power of virtual care and ambient sensors into our care delivery models. This collaboration is more than just an integration of advanced technology; it is a reimagining of how health care is delivered. This initiative underscores our commitment to ensuring that every interaction within our facilities is as safe, efficient and comforting as possible.”