Blue Oak Dispensary launches in Bloomfield: Woman-owned haven for cannabis education and wellness

Blue Oak Dispensary has announced it is ready to open its doors and will celebrate its grand opening Sunday at 1025 Broad St., Bloomfield.

Founded by New Jersey native Danielle Wildstein, the space heralds a new era of community-driven cannabis education and well-being.

Designed under the banner of “naturally refined,” Blue Oak is devoted to nurturing community wellness through education and connection.

Beyond simply offering premium cannabis goods, Blue Oak said it aims to enrich lives. Acknowledging cannabis’s potential to enhance well-being, Blue Oak offers a diverse range of educational resources, empowering individuals to discover their unique paths to balance and health.

Wildstein leverages over two decades of multifaceted expertise and a master’s degree in human resources. From her beginnings as a management consultant at Accenture, Wildstein excelled in diverse roles, contributing significantly to mergers & acquisitions, clinical trials, new drug launches and supply chain integration for her pharmaceutical clients. She then transitioned to chief of staff positions supporting titans within the retail, film and fashion industries. Wildstein brings this background to Blue Oak, where she is equipped to ensure precision, innovation and community well-being in an industry that demands regulatory compliance, deep knowledge and customer-centric care.

Blue Oak envisions a future where cannabis integrates into holistic health conversations. It is aspiring to redefine dispensary norms, emerging as a welcoming space for wellness, education and inclusivity.

“Our vision is to create a nurturing atmosphere promoting unity and well-being. We’re dedicated to offering a safe, inclusive and welcoming space where people can explore the positive impacts of cannabis on their well-being,” Wildstein said.

“Our mission goes beyond product provision; we’re here to empower our community through cannabis education. Blue Oak aims to foster an environment where individuals can thrive by embracing the positive impact of cannabis and cultivating their personal cannabis journey,” she added.

Additionally, Blue Oak is enrolling customers into its Founders Club program. When customers make a purchase on opening day, they will not only save 20% off their first purchase, but they will automatically be enrolled in this program that will provide them with a consistent discount on their upcoming purchases until they have saved $1,000.

Following the grand opening, Blue Oak will be open seven days a week with hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. The store accepts cash, Payomi and Aeropay. An ATM will also be on-site for customer use.