Survey: Great majority of merchants say DoorDash has helped their business

DoorDash helped merchants around the globe earn nearly $50 million in revenue in 2023 — bringing them business they otherwise would not have been able to get on their own and, in some cases, helping them stay open.

To be clear, the Community Impact Report survey was commissioned by DoorDash, but the insights — both from merchants and the “Dashers,” were revealing.

According to the business owners surveyed:

  • 73% of meals delivered might not have existed at all without delivery options such as DoorDash;
  • 70% of surveyed merchants said DoorDash has helped increase profits;
  • 94% of surveyed merchants planned to continue partnering with DoorDash for at least a year;
  • 87% of surveyed merchants said DoorDash helps them reach new customers they would otherwise not be able to reach.

Then there’s this: Nearly 1 in 5 independent merchants surveyed (19%) said that, if not for DoorDash, their business would not exist today.

The survey was about more than just food, too.

While DoorDash began as a food service, it has grown to include other stores and products. According to the survey, that has meant added convenience. Consider:

  • In total, DoorDash saved users an estimated 446 million hours in 2023;
  • 80% agreed that DoorDash helps them to be more productive or gives them time back for other activities;
  • 44% of consumers have used DoorDash to order items they need when they couldn’t buy them themselves, rising to 50% for consumers with disabilities;
  • 85% of consumers felt good about supporting local merchants by using DoorDash;
  • 73% of consumers felt good about creating earning opportunities in their community by using DoorDash.

Cheryl Young, head of policy research at DoorDash, said the survey showed the brand’s reach.

“DoorDash connects local businesses, Dashers and consumers to what they need, when they need it,” she said. “Our data-driven Community Impact Report demonstrates how people have leveraged DoorDash to achieve their goals. Whether that’s dashing for extra money for that very special occasion, using DoorDash to grow their customer base or sending a warm meal to a loved one who’s sick, DoorDash’s community impact is felt every day.”

The survey of Dashers indicated they were pleased, too.

In New Jersey, researchers found:

  • Dashers were nearly unanimous (89%) in saying the flexibility, including the ability to make their own schedules, is one of the main reasons they deliver with DoorDash over other opportunities;
  • Dashers overwhelmingly preferred (90%) to maintain their status as independent contractors;
  • 37% of dashers said dashing has helped them avoid applying for government benefits or taking out a payday loan;
  • 65% of dashers said they feel more financially stable since before they started dashing;
  • Overwhelmingly, 97% of dashers reported that it is important to protect the ability of drivers to choose when, where and how they work;
  • 34% of dashers in New Jersey said they would not choose an alternative way to replace their dashing income were it to go away.

Nationwide, the CIR found that flexibility and increased financial stability ensure that Dashers don’t have to compromise on their priorities. Over 6 million people dashed in the U.S. and, across the globe, Dashers earned more than $15 billion through the DoorDash platform.