A most unique microbrewery is coming to Moorestown

Establishment will be housed at Community House and run in conjunction with Rowan College at Burlington and King’s Road Brewing Co.

We get it, there will be a new microbrewery in Moorestown. And, for many people, that will be enough. This one, however, is a little different.

For one, it will be located at the well-known Community House of Moorestown. And then, there’s this: It will be the state’s first educational-based microbrewery.

On Thursday, the board of trustees of the Community House, along with representatives of Rowan College at Burlington County and King’s Road Brewing Co., announced what will be the first partnership between a college, a microbrewer and a historic nonprofit organization.

The Community House has served as a gathering place for events and activities dating back to 1926, and a microbrewery, built in repurposed space that used to house an indoor pool, with an educational component is a perfect complement to the organization’s mission and purpose, the groups said.

Community and business leaders gathered at the Community House of Moorestown to announce a partnership between the Community House, Rowan College at Burlington County and King’s Road Brewing Co.

Haynes Hendrickson, vice president of the board of trustees of the Community House of Moorestown, sure feels that way.

“Today’s announcement marks an important day for us, Moorestown Township and members of council who voted unanimously in 2021 for a zoning ordinance that allowed breweries, distilleries and wine salesrooms to open in town,” he said.

“We are optimistic we will reach project fundraising goals and that we will be in a position to satisfy conditions set forth by Moorestown town council and New Jersey’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.”

There’s not a definitive open date yet — although fourth quarter or 2025 or first quarter of 2026 feels right, organizers say. And there’s no official name yet, either. Count on that in the coming months.

The excitement around the project was evident Thursday. Quite frankly, it’s something that has been brewing for some time. And it started with the educational component.

The interest in developing a relationship between the Community House and RCBC centered around a mutual desire to create an educational pathway into the craft brewing industry while finding a new and unique use for the former pool space. The program will include classroom education and hands-on experience in launching and running a microbrewery just a few miles away from the RCBC campus in Mount Laurel.

RCBC received a grant from the state’s Higher Education Equipment Leasing Fund to secure necessary equipment to establish a microbrewery program. The college is working to create an associate degree in fall 2025, with a certificate program available this fall so students can begin to complete their general requirements before the brewery curriculum is approved.

“This is a great example of how Rowan College at Burlington County can partner with industry and the community to provide meaningful pathways to employment in underserved industries,” RCBC President Michael Cioce said. “Establishing the state’s first educational microbrewery at a historic venue will create educational and career opportunities for students, economic growth for downtown and a new chapter for the storied history for a local Moorestown gem.”

The news was cheered by local and county officials, too.

“Craft brewing is a growing industry, and Burlington County is seeing firsthand the benefits microbreweries bring to local downtowns and communities. They create jobs, generate economic activity and become fun and attractive gathering spots for friends and families,” Burlington County Commissioner Deputy Director Daniel O’Connell said.

“We’re excited King’s Road is partnering with RCBC and the Community House to create a career path for Burlington County students to enter the industry. It’s a perfect match that will enrich and benefit Moorestown, RCBC and our entire county. Our board thanks and is proud of the college for offering these kinds of educational opportunities that transfer to real world employment.”

Moorestown Mayor Nicole Gillespie can’t wait to see it open.

“I am thrilled that the historic pool area of the Community House will once again serve as a thriving, exciting place for the public to enjoy,” she said. “I am confident this can be another amazing asset for Main Street, where people can gather, connect and enjoy not only exceptional beer, but also a sense of community.”

Bob Hochgertel, co-owner and managing director of King’s Road Brewing Co., said he looks forward to seeing a community hub develop in Moorestown like it did in the brewery’s original location.

“King’s Road Brewing Co. has helped in transforming Haddonfield,” he said. “Through our commitment to quality craft beer and community involvement, we’ve become a catalyst for positive economic and social change in Haddonfield. We believe the same can be true in Moorestown, and Main Street in Moorestown is a physical continuation of the historic ‘King’s Road’ from where the brewery takes its name.”

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