EisnerAmper offers free cybersecurity e-book

The average cost of a cyberbreach last year was $4.45 million. That’s according to EisnerAmper, which also said that number will increase. If that isn’t scary enough, EA said the bad actors are getting more sophisticated every day. Cyberattacks are a daily threat to any organization and can result in compromised data, damaged client relationships, financial cost, litigation, reputational harm and more.

As such, the leading global business advisory firm with a heavy presence in New Jersey is introducing its Cybersecurity e-book. Created by the firm’s team of cybersecurity professionals, EA said the guide offers best practices that can help lay a foundation for an updated cybersecurity plan. The Cybersecurity e-book features sections on:

  • Types of Cybersecurity: Software, cloud, Internet of Things;
  • Origins of Threats: Employee errors, external hackers, third-party vendors;
  • Proactive Strategies: Education/training, data security, data loss prevention, zero trust, cyberinsurance;
  • Incident Response Plan: Prepare, identify, contain, eradicate, recover, post-incident;
  • You’ll also learn about the many types of Personally Identifiable Information hackers seek, recognizing suspicious behavior from internal staff with dishonest motives, the 3-2-1 backup rule and more.

“It may sound cliché, but it’s true that bad actors only have to compromise your systems once. And that one incident could cripple your organization,” Rahul Mahna, partner and leader of EisnerAmper’s Outsourced IT Services Team, said. “We’ve taken the decades of knowledge and real-life experiences of our tech team and distilled it into this handy, actionable guide that can help you sleep better at night when it comes to your cybersecurity.”

Click here to receive your free copy of EisnerAmper’s Cybersecurity e-book.