Hackensack’s MAX Surgical Specialty Management expands westward into Keystone State

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Hackensack-based MAX Surgical Specialty Management recently announced it expanded into Pennsylvania by partnering with Lititz Oral Surgery. The entry into the Keystone State comes on the heels of partnering with practices in New York and Vermont and further adds to MAX’s position as a leading innovator in the realm of surgeon-led oral and maxillofacial surgery platforms.

Located in Lititz and Hershey, Pennsylvania, and led by Dr. John Vakkas, Lititz Oral Surgery is recognized for its superior clinical standards, patient-focused approach, educational initiatives and exceptional treatment outcomes. Vakkas will directly contribute to MAX’s passion for philanthropy, as he has done great work to support those with cleft lip and palate around the world.

Co-CEOs Dr. Jason Auerbach and Jeff Ward said the new venture westward showcases further progress toward MAX’s mission in a tangible manner. MAX is thrilled to be reshaping the OMS industry landscape with surgeon-led vision and ideals.

“With each partnership, we reinforce that MAX is not just another option, but rather a real difference maker for so many great surgeons trying to navigate this space,” Auerbach said. “The feedback has been astounding, and we are confident it will be no different from our new partners at Lititz Oral Surgery. We are witnessing a transformation in our industry, and MAX is proud to be at the forefront of this evolution.”

“Dr. Vakkas and his team exemplify the values that MAX stands for,” Ward said. “Their dedication to superior patient care and specialized expertise make them invaluable partners that complement our other practices.”