Daburn acquires Piping Solutions; expands its manufacturing operations to Bridgewater

Daburn Announces Piping Solutions Acquisition

Daburn, a Dover-based manufacturer of industrial products and equipment, has announced the acquisition of Piping Solutions, a pipe fabrication and process skid design and manufacturing company. Piping Solutions will now operate as a division of Daburn and will expand its design and manufacturing operations in Bridgewater.

“Piping Solutions has satisfied customers by delivering high-quality process skid assemblies for over 20 years. Their experience and facilities allow them to produce unique customer projects and will expand the capabilities of Daburn to serve customers and deliver skidded systems,” Ed Flaherty, Daburn’s CEO and president, said. “We have added staff and additional capabilities at Piping Solutions so that additional best-in-class products are available to customers.”

“The acquisition is very positive for our customers. With Daburn’s support behind us, we can leverage the benefits of a larger organization to offer value-added services like skid assembly design and handle growth opportunities,” Ernie Stone, general manager at Piping Solutions, said.

Tom Stone, operations manager at Piping Solutions, also sees increased capabilities from Daburn’s divisions: “The SICO Systems Control has provided the brains behind Daburn’s skidded systems, and the EMSE has provided process skid design skills to Daburn customers. Both capabilities will expand what Piping Solutions can offer to customers. Being part of one organization with additional resources will allow us to focus quickly on customer needs, handle growth opportunities and develop the right products for customers going forward.”