Pachamama, new restaurant from Driven Hospitality, set to open in Green Brook

The masterminds at Driven Hospitality have opened a new Latin American restaurant in Green Brook: Pachamama. The new eatery offers a mix of cuisines from both Latin and South America.

Located at 215 Route 22 E., Pachamama is the name of a South American “Earth Mother” goddess who presides over fertility, planting and harvesting, and, according to legend, is an independent deity whose creative power sustains life on Earth.

At the helm of Pachamama’s kitchen is Executive Chef Ricardo Ramirez, a graduate of Peru’s renowned D’Gallia Instituto Gastronómico, recognized for its training that combines a rich culinary heritage with modern techniques.

With a notable career in the vibrant New York restaurant scene, Ramirez has honed his skills at renowned establishments such as Socarrat (Spanish food) in Chelsea, Elite WilliamsBurg (American food) in Brooklyn, and Mission Ceviche (Peruvian food) in Lenox Hill, where he served as the sous chef for three years. Recognized for his exceptional talent, Ramirez was part of teams that were awarded two Michelin Star Guide plates, in 2021 and 2023.

Ramirez’s love for his native country’s cuisine has grown to encompass that of other South and Latin American countries, as well as the farmers, fishermen and artisans who provide essential, quality ingredients.

The fact that Ramirez now resides in the Garden State is not lost on him, and he is thrilled to be at Pachamama, where he said his commitment to pushing culinary boundaries will result in a menu that combines the most appealing flavors of many Latin and South American countries.

The Pachamama menu is said to be enticing and accessible, replete with flavors that may be new (and delicious) to some, but in which there can be found familiarity, whether in the preparation or in the ingredients.

To accompany the menu, mixologist Mariano Bacile offers meticulously blended Latin classics. Signature cocktails will include vibrant combinations of spirits, bitters, fresh fruit juices and liqueurs.

Pachamama’s 3,000-square-foot interior evokes the spirit of Mother Nature, with a massive, central 16-foot tree forming a canopy over the dining area, surrounded by floral arrangements and greenery suspended from the ceiling. Natural wood paneling, woven baskets and more create an earthy vibe that is welcoming and nurturing.

The team at Driven Hospitality said it is determined to provide the best guest experience possible, and is especially proud to manifest that vibe in Pachamama’s beautifully presented food and drink and its warmly hospitable space.

Driven Hospitality recently opened another Latin American restaurant, Panela, in Hoboken.