Famed ‘Sopranos’ booth can be yours: Today is last day to bid on table at Holsten’s in Bloomfield

The booth in the last scene of “The Sopranos” — the one at Holsten’s ice cream parlor/diner in Bloomfield — can be yours. But, you’d better act fast.

The booth, which went up for bid on eBay last week, will be awarded Monday. The auction, which already is at more than $80,000, ends at 10:02 p.m. Monday.

Check here for the latest high bid.

Holsten’s Chris Carley told NJ Advance Media he has long had the booth marked for its significance in pop culture. It has been visited by fans from around the world — especially in 2013, when Jersey’s own James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano, died.

Fans were surprised they actually could sit and eat at the table — which is one of the reasons why the booth is going up for auction, Carley told Amy Kuperinsky. (Read her story here.)

The booth has seen too much wear and tear over the years to remain in use, Carley told Kuperinsky. (It may be hard to believe, but the show’s finale was back in 2007.)

Once the booth is sold, Carley told NJ Advance Media that he will update all of the booths in the establishment.

The guess here: It won’t stop fans from coming. They just will no longer have that special place to sit.

You can — but you’d better act fast.