Batteries Plus of Eatontown powers its community in 1st year open

Batteries Plus recently provided Eatontown and its surrounding business communities with the local touch that these businesses, departments of transportation and local governments needed to stay powered throughout the year.

At the helm of these developed partnerships is local entrepreneur and owner of the Eatontown Batteries Plus, Norman Jemal. After opening his store in October 2022, Jemal has partnered with dozens of businesses, ranging from electric companies and local governments to school bus companies and auto dealerships, to provide essential power needs throughout the community. As a byproduct of the partnerships with the departments of transportation and the surrounding municipalities, Jemal has provided batteries for over 500 public service vehicles not only in Eatontown, but also Long Branch, Ocean Township, Shrewsbury and Wall Township, as well.

“The community is everything when it comes to running a business, and your reputation follows that. I want to be there for my community and help any way I can,” Jemal said. “I make my deliveries myself and the word of mouth of our reliability has spread like wildfire. Businesses can depend on us because our supply and service separate us, and I’m happy to power this community because it’s home.”

Batteries Plus named Jemal one of its franchise ambassadors following a massive number of sales in just his first year as a franchisee, stimulating everyday functions within the community from vehicle batteries to batteries for generators. He sees 2023 as just the baseline for his potential community building and hopes to begin the new year with even more business and local government contracts to power the entirety of northern New Jersey.

“Norman has been more than exemplary this year in his ability to not only operate his local Batteries Plus location to success for Eatontown and its residents, but also for his ability to make connections with his entire community to help make crucial day-to-day operations flawless with his supply of power necessities,” said Josh Hoffman, a sales effectiveness coach for Batteries Plus. “Norman has already made his affability and service a cornerstone in that community, and I’m excited to see what he does in the years to come.”