ZAGO Manufacturing Co. launches German and Italian websites

ZAGO Sealing Screws are available worldwide and in new markets like Germany and Italy.

ZAGO Manufacturing Co., a Newark-based manufacturer of high-tech sealing fasteners and switch boots, on Tuesday announced it launched two new websites catering to the Italian and German markets to enhance accessibility and engagement for customers who prefer to interact with the company in their native languages.

The Italian and German sites signify ZAGO’s commitment to provide a seamless and localized digital experience for its international customers. The websites feature ZAGO’s product portfolio on its homepage, where visitors can access product specifications and build their custom or standard ZAGO sealing fasteners (metric sizes) and switch boots online.

“As ZAGO continues to expand its global footprint, the launch of the Italian and German websites underscores our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction and a forward-looking approach in the dynamic, digitalized world of manufacturing,” Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, co-founder and CEO of ZAGO, said.

ZAGO high-tech sealing fasteners are sought-after for their sustainable properties and ability to protect sensitive equipment in tough environments. They are engineered with a rubber O-ring under the head of the screw or bolt (face of nut/washer) that when torqued, squeezes outwardly to create a 360-degree, impenetrable seal.

The seal prevents sensitive electronics, enclosures, sensors, electric batteries, medical devices and more from contaminants, i.e., precipitation, saltwater, gas, air, seeping in and damaging costly equipment or out and potentially harming our environment. The Military & Aerospace sector choose ZAGO Military Spec Sealing Screws – MS3212/3213 for their ability to withstand extreme pressure; they are pressure tested to Military Standard 1,500 psi.

Switch boots, another key product in ZAGO’s portfolio, serve as protective covers for switches and circuit breakers. These boots shield sensitive electronic components from dust, moisture and other potential hazards, extending the lifespan and reliability of critical equipment. ZAGO switch boots are crafted with precision and durability in mind, making them the preferred choice for engineers seeking high-quality solutions.