Bennabis Health expands dispensary network to enhance affordability of medical cannabis 

Medical stethoscope lying on green leaves of marijuana closeup. Use of hemp based drugs in medicine concept

Cranford-based Bennabis Health recently announced a significant expansion of its dispensary network by partnering with the Cannabist Co. The Bennabis Health dispensary network continues to grow, as this expansion brings Bennabis Health’s membership benefits to six states plus the District of Columbia — New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York and Washington, D.C.

This network extension highlights the commitment of both organizations to support medical cannabis patients by increasing affordability and providing reliable cannabis resources.

The Bennabis Health Premium Membership program is designed to alleviate out-of-pocket costs for medical cannabis patients, and those enrolled can gain access to a 15% discount on medical cannabis purchases at network dispensaries. This reduction in costs not only makes treatment more accessible, but offers significant long-term savings for patients who rely on medical marijuana for consistent care. By extending its network, Bennabis Health aims to enhance accessibility and affordability for individuals and employer groups seeking alternative care options.

Don Parisi, president of Bennabis Health, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with the Cannabist Co., stating: “Working with the experts at the Cannabist Co. has been fulfilling. They share our passion for improving the lives of patients through alternative care solutions and, together, we are dedicated to making medical cannabis more accessible to millions.”

To join in Bennabis Health’s growing dispensary network or to learn more about its individual and employer-sponsored programs, contact or visit the website here.