ChargEVC fighting against bill that would give state highest EV tax in country

Highest electric vehicle tax in the country: That doesn’t sound like a way to grow the EV industry, a leading industry group said.

ChargEVC, a not-for-profit coalition of diverse stakeholders in the EV industry, is fighting against a proposed $250 fee on electric vehicles that is part of legislation that has been introduced to update the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act.

Doug O’Malley, president of ChargEVC-NJ, said his group is not against raising revenue, but he feels this tax would hurt the EV industry, which the state is trying to grow.

“We’re not opposed to a fair fee for electric vehicles, but, under this proposal, New Jersey would have the highest, most punitive EV fee in the nation,” he said.

“As an environmental leader, that’s not a distinction that New Jersey should pursue. There’s still time to fix this and set a fair fee that reflects the lower environmental impact of electric vehicles.”

The legislation, which also would raise New Jersey’s gas tax collections by roughly 18% over the next five years, is intended to fund road and bridge work in the state.

The bill (A4011), sponsored by Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge) and Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese (D-Ridgefield), would raise the gas tax’s $2 billion revenue target by $366 million over five years.

The bill, which cleared the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee, is headed to the Appropriations Committee. There will be a hearing Thursday.

ChargEVC-NJ includes retail automotive dealers, utilities, consumer and equity advocates, environmental and labor organizations and technology companies.