GlassRoots moving to Teachers Village in 2025, enabling it to expand its efforts

Nonprofit, which already serves 10K students annually, headed to state-of-art, ground-floor location

GlassRoots, a nonprofit glass art institution in Newark, announced recently that it is moving in 2025 to Teachers Village, where it will operate in a state-of-the-art facility that is double the size of its current location, allowing it to serve as anchor for the city’s arts and education district.

The new location will house GlassRoots’ offices, glassmaking studios, classrooms and event spaces in a ground-level location at Teachers Village, an RBH Group community of much acclaim.

This expansion was made possible by the support of the city of Newark, the Nicholson Foundation, Glassworks’ 2020 Capital Campaign donors and RBH Group, which worked closely with the group to secure funding from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority under the Activation, Revitalization and Transformation Program aimed at revitalizing the economic centers of cultural destinations in Newark and Atlantic City.

GlassRoots Executive Director Carol Losos feels the center’s new home will help position it as a premier glass art center and an engaging cultural institution for an evolving neighborhood. The organization estimates it serves 10,000 students annually.

“Being part of a neighborhood that intersects Newark’s residential and business communities will provide endless opportunities for our organization,” Losos said. “Our free and affordable classes and programs unite people of all ages and artistic abilities; teachers and youth leaders cherish our unique blend of art and science; and, surprising to many, businesses engage GlassRoots to facilitate out-of-the box team building activities and create bespoke handmade awards.

“We look forward to expanding these celebrated offerings to even more of our neighbors with this exciting new chapter for our organization.”

Furthermore, GlassRoots officials feel their new home will help position it as a premier glass art center while serving as an anchor of the city’s Arts and Education District and an engaging cultural institution for an evolving neighborhood. GlassRoots was founded in 2001.

RBH Group CEO Ron Beit said his group is thrilled to welcome GlassRoots as the anchor arts organization to Teachers Village.

“Since its founding over 20 years ago, GlassRoots has engaged with and inspired youth as well as adults from Newark and beyond, to ignite creativity and learning through glass art-making,” he said.

“RBH Group has long supported arts organizations in its developments downtown and looks forward to a long and creative partnership with GlassRoots.”