Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas law firm launches Artificial Intelligence Practice Group

Silhouette of man head with electronic brain and business icons over dark blue background. Concept of artificial intelligence. 3d rendering toned image double exposure

New Brunswick-based law firm Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas on Wednesday announced it launched its Artificial Intelligence Practice Group. This new group helps clients across various industries navigate the complex legal landscape of AI technologies, ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

Led by Managing Partner Chad Moore, a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s AI Committee, the AI practice group unites a multidisciplinary team of seasoned attorneys from across the firm, leveraging practical industry knowledge to offer businesses and employers of all sizes strategic guidance in regulatory compliance, intellectual property, data privacy, technology transactions and ethical considerations of AI deployment.

“Our AI Practice Group furthers our commitment to embracing technological innovation and providing strategic, forward-thinking solutions to guide our clients through the legal challenges and business opportunities presented by AI technologies,” Moore said.

Services offered by the AI Practice Group include:

  • AI compliance: Assisting clients with navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding AI to ensure operations remain compliant;
  • Intellectual property: Advising on the protection and licensing of AI-generated content and innovations;
  • Data privacy and security: Offering guidance on adhering to data protection laws as they apply to AI systems;
  • Ethics and governance: Helping businesses develop and implement ethical guidelines and governance frameworks for AI;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution: Utilizing AI tools for predictive analysis to enhance litigation outcomes and dispute resolution efficiency;
  • Education: Supporting organizations in developing policies that reflect the responsible use of AI technologies in business operations.