My Career NJ launched to connect job seekers with in-demand job training and rewarding careers

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My Career NJ, a new, interactive digital hub from the state of New Jersey that centralizes personalized career resources launched Thursday as a means for job seekers to take advantage of valuable training programs, online classes and career recommendations.

“As governor, I have made it a priority to expand employment opportunities and enable more New Jersey residents to leverage their unique skill sets in pursuit of their career aspirations,” Gov. Phil Murphy said. “Building a solid career is an integral step on the path to achieving lifelong success, and, by adding My Career NJ to the list of resources available to our communities, we are connecting New Jerseyans with the best available training and in-demand career opportunities to help them find meaningful work to support their families and thrive in an evolving job market.”

This site was produced through a collaboration between the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development, the New Jersey Office of Innovation and Research Improving People’s Lives — a tech-for-social-good nonprofit that works with governments to help them use data, science and technology to improve policy and lives. These efforts were made possible, in-part, through philanthropic support provided by Lumina Foundation and Schmidt Futures.

My Career NJ features two new digital career tools: the NJ Training Explorer and the NJ Career Navigator. The Training Explorer enables customized filtering of training programs, provides information on tuition assistance and gives users valuable insight into the providers that offer programs that meet their skill-building needs. The Career Navigator leverages Big Data and machine learning to generate personalized job and career recommendations that align with each user’s skill set, employment history and individual professional goals across a wide range of private and public employment sectors.

“By using the latest advancements in technology and best practices in human-centered design, My Career NJ expands the boundaries of what state government can do for its workforce. The digital platform guides workers in developing industry-recognized credentials and career plans that are right for them. These tools support residents on their journey to successful employment, and beyond,” Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said.

My Career NJ was designed and developed with the input of hundreds of New Jerseyans, as well as dozens of training providers, career coaches and academic experts.

The site was released as a beta in 2022 and underwent extensive user-testing throughout its development. It is available in both English and Spanish.

“Already, hundreds of New Jerseyans shared their job search stories and provided valuable insights, which informed the creation of these resources,” Dave Cole, New Jersey’s chief innovation officer, said. “It is essential that tools like this are centered on the needs and experiences of residents, and we look forward to learning more from those who use My Career NJ to continuously improve it.”