Flat glass window film training facility opens in South Jersey 

The Tint Tutor, a South Jersey academy providing instruction in flat glass window film installation, has opened in Berlin.

The center is the only school in the state that provides a five-day flat glass training program.

“The demand for window films continues to increase, yet, the number of trained installers is below what is needed,” Lori and Brian Ashcraft, owners of the Tint Tutor, said. “Our mission is to empower individuals and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of window film installation and technology. This is a dynamic industry and we want students to thrive and create a successful career for themselves.”

The window film industry has been expanding and is projected to continue, largely driven by two forces: concerns about the safety of schools, institutions and government buildings, and growing awareness about carbon dioxide emissions from buildings.

For building security, window films upgrade glass windows and doors, which are the most vulnerable entry point of any building. These window films can mitigate hazards from shattered glass due to natural causes such as storms, or human causes including explosions, vandals and intruders.

Window films can also reduce solar heat gain 50-75% and winter heat loss, consequently reducing the building’s energy usage and carbon emissions. As cities and countries throughout the world continue to set regulations regarding energy-efficient buildings, building owners and occupiers are seeking ways to meet those goals. Professional installation of window film is viewed as an effective, quick and simple building retrofit choice.

The Tint Tutor offers five-day training sessions educating students on the benefits of window film, different types of films, safety precautions and regulations, and tools used in window film installation. Students have hands-on training each day, learning and practicing application techniques and the properties of different types of film. A field trip enables students to see a real-world job site and professionals in action.

The Tint Tutor is led by the professionals of Eastern Solar Glass, a window film solutions company working for over 43 years throughout the Greater Delaware Valley. A 3M Premier Elite Prestige Dealer and a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business, the company provides consultation and installation services for solar, security, decorative and specialty window films.