Hillmann Consulting acquires Abraxas Energy Consulting

Hillmann Consulting acquires Abraxas Energy Consulting

Hillmann Consulting, a building sciences, due diligence and construction services company, recently acquired Abraxas Energy Consulting, a respected player in the energy efficiency, consulting & auditing industry.

This move represents a significant milestone in Union-based Hillmann’s growth and expansion strategy.

Hillmann said the acquisition of Abraxas will result in a “powerful synergy” that leverages the strengths and resources of both companies to drive innovation and provide even better solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Hillmann’s CEO, Chris Hillmann, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating: “We are excited to welcome Abraxas into the Hillmann family of companies. Their team aligns perfectly with our stated purpose of making a better future for all the communities we touch. This strategic move also aligns with our long-term vision and allows us to diversify our service offerings and expand our client base. We are confident that this acquisition will lead to exciting opportunities for growth and innovation within our firm and lead to a more seamless experience for our clients looking for one provider of multiple due diligence, property management and construction solutions.”

Abraxas’ President, John Avina, added: “We are pleased to join forces with Hillmann, a company with a proven track record of excellence. Like Hillmann, our reputation is and will continue to be most important to us. The Abraxas team is excited to continue serving our existing clients with an enhanced ability to help more clients, building owners and stakeholders with their energy efficiency and sustainability needs.”

Key benefits of the acquisition include:

  • Expanded Service Portfolio: The merger will result in a broader range of services to meet the diverse needs of clients;
  • Enhanced Innovation: The combined expertise of both companies will drive innovation, leading to the development of broad and up-to-date solutions;
  • Increased Market Presence: The acquisition will strengthen Hillmann’s market position, allowing it to serve a larger and more diverse client base;
  • Savings for clients: Abraxas has deep knowledge of energy and water performance in buildings. With a global transition to more efficient and sustainable buildings underway, adding Abraxas services will enhance Hillmann’s ability to obtain funding for its clients from sources such the Inflation Reduction Act, existing and new tax credits and grants, and state and local incentives. Combined with Hillmann’s knowledge of affordable housing and historic building credits and grants we expect to find greater savings for clients.

The integration process has already begun, with both teams working closely to ensure a smooth transition for clients, employees and partners. Hillmann remains committed to maintaining the high standards of quality and service that both companies are known for.