Isaiah House receives $2M grant from Yield Giving, funded by MacKenzie Scott

Isaiah House receives $2M grant from Yield Giving

East Orange-based Isaiah House on Tuesday said it was awarded a $2 million grant from MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving initiative. This funds place Isaiah House among an elite group of organizations recognized in the Yield Giving Open Call for its exceptional work in supporting communities with the greatest needs in the U.S.

The Yield Giving Open Call attracted over 6,353 applications, with an initial plan to award 250 organizations $1 million each. However, the outstanding quality of work demonstrated by applicants like Isaiah House prompted the donor team to increase both the number of awardees and the grant amounts.

Isaiah House’s selection, particularly with a doubled grant of $2 million, underscores the organization’s exemplary service and its pivotal role in community support.

Zammeah Bivins-Gibson, executive director of Isaiah House, expressed her gratitude: “This award from Yield Giving is a monumental affirmation of the hard work and dedication of our team. It enables us to expand our reach and deepen our impact, providing more comprehensive support to those in need. We are immensely thankful to MacKenzie Scott, Yield Giving and Lever for Change for this opportunity to enhance our services and change lives.”

This grant marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Isaiah House, enabling the launch of its facility on 14th Street in East Orange. The new location will support populations that have either exhausted eligibility for funding due to no fault of their own, don’t qualify for any funding source (such as undocumented families or those who fall slightly between the cracks) and unhoused women seeking support with sobriety so that they can remain with their children.